I Specialise In

Digital Strategies, Plans & Policies

I have over eight years experience working with Local Government and industry to develop digital strategies, plans and policies; helping to improve rural broadband and reduce the digital divide.

Cloud Services Integration

I have experience leveraging Azure, Google and Amazon Cloud Services to efficiently store and process large datasets; gain greater insight; improve service resilience; and reduce operating costs. This includes bespoke VMs, Azure App Services, and SAAS databases.

GIS & Geospatial Analysis

I have advanced knowledge and experience in the field of geospatial analysis. This includes the use of ArcGIS, QGIS, PostGIS, Carto and MapBox. I have also developed several custom interactive mapping portals using LeafletJS, built on both NodeJS and PHP platforms.

Software Development

I have developed several web applications and plugins in a variety of languages utilising PHP, NodeJS, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL

About Me

Edward Cross

Freelance Technology Consultant

I have eight years experience working in a strategic infrastructure and economic development role for the public sector. I have worked on several large multi-partner projects involving a variety of public and private sector stakeholders, each focused on delivering better digital connectivity.

I have in-depth knowledge of national broadband, digital infrastructure and skills policy. I have also overseen several State Aid applications for broadband and mobile infrastructure and have technically assured several large-scale public sector procurements, carrying out early market engagement activities, and project managing several Open Market Reviews.

As well as my public sector background, I have in-depth technical knowledge and excellent data and analysis skills, being competent in several coding languages. This includes expert knowledge of interactive mapping, GIS and various Cloud platforms and APIs.

I have an MSc in Sustainable Development and Climate Change from the University of Exeter and a BSc Hons in Geography from the University of Southampton.


To be continued...